Secluded Beaches of Andalusia: Punta Chullera

There is some good news for all lovers of secluded beaches travelling to Andalusia! If you don’t mind visiting a place that is not easily accessible, and which has lots of pretty rocks and a relaxing atmosphere, visit Punta Chullera.

I have to say I’m feeling pretty guilty that I discovered this lovely small beach situated only 40 minutes from my current place just very recently. It took me more than 3 years to hop on a cheap bus, walk down from the bus stop for a few minutes and find this charming stony beach of San Diego in Andalusia.

Secluded beach Punta Chullera - rocks & sand

How to Get to Punta Chullera

You can easily get there by car taking the A7 road, passing around San Diego town and turning right at the Acantilado Chullera. You can park directly next to the beach, as you can see from the map below.

How to get to Punta Chullera in Manilva - map of access

The other way is taking a bus number M-240 from La Linea and getting off the bus stop called San Diego. Then just walk down to where you’ll see a tiny parking place, turn right and carry on a few metres to see a stunning rocky sea view on your left. That’s where you can climb down and get to Punta Chullera. If you take the M-240 bus from Estepona you’ll have to cross the road – it won’t be too easy but it is doable.

There is no real path built to get to Punta Chullera so you have to be careful when stepping down the slippery slope. Punta Chullera is not a typical sandy beach with an easy access to its waters.

Even though it’s a lovely place to chill out for a while, to enjoy the silence and the peaceful sound of blue waters hitting the pebbles. You can certainly refresh yourself there but don’t expect any long swimming sessions.

Picture of Punta Chullera, secluded beach in Manilva, Andalusia

How Much is Punta Chullera Secluded?

There is a huge possibility that you might be the only person at Punta Chullera mostly when you arrive a bit earlier in the morning. I discovered this beach with my boyfriend while we were walking from the San Diego bus stop to find Playa de las Conchas de Manilva beach.

Picture of misty Punta Chullera, rocky secluded beach of Costa de Sol

We arrived at Punta Chullera at around 11:00 and it was only us excitedly jumping from one stone to another and enjoying the silence of this secluded beach. There were some people passing by, probably on their way to one of the next beaches, but when they saw the tricky way to get down the slope, they just carried on with their walk.

The beach is directly next to the road and it’s very close to one of the most popular beaches in the area. It’s not exactly an absolute hidden gem but it still remains mysteriously calm and less crowded; mostly thanks to its special stony shore.

What’s after Punta Chullera?

Picture of beautiful Playa de las Conchas de Manilva

Playa de las Conchas de Manilva

Visiting Punta Chullera in San Diego (Andalusia) might be a nice stop before getting to the next beaches in the area for some proper swimming. Directly next to the stony and more secluded Punta Chullera there is another part of the beach with more sand and so mor visitors. This one is situated underneath the Torre Vigia Punta Chullera.

You have a few bays and beaches to choose from: Calita playa is a small family bay with a chiringuito. The next beach Playa de las Arenas is a long dark sandy beach with yellow sandstones which also attracts less people because there are no facilities around. The water looked also a bit wilder than water in the rest of the bays.

Picture of Manilva beach and its crystal clear waters

The next beach – which is already a bit more popular – is Playa de las Conchas de Manilva at the beautiful bay of Cala de la Sardina. This beach – even though you have to share it with many other people – is definitely worth going to. Are you asking why? Good, I’ll reveal to you the secrets of Manilva beach in the next article.

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