Punta Paloma Beach in Tarifa: One of the Nicest Beaches in Spain

We all have our travel loves. The places we fall in love with straight away and we keep dreaming about coming back to. How happy I’m that my paradise beach Punta Paloma is so close to my current home!

Nicest beaches in Spain - Punta Paloma Tarifa

If you look for a secluded place with turquoise waters and soft golden sands Punta Paloma Beach is the one to wander bare feet on. It’s a paradise on Earth, one of the nicest beaches in Spain and one of the best places in Andalusia.

Why is Punta Paloma One of the Nicest Beaches in Spain?

Alright, alright. I didn’t take this claim from any ranking sites or travel gurus. This is purely my own opinion but I bet that those who have ever walked bared feet on the silk sands of Punta Paloma would support me.

Punta paloma beach has amazingly fine golden sands

Punta Paloma has everything what a beautiful beach should have:

  • Crystal clear waters
  • Fine golden sands
  • Incredible views
  • Enough space for everyone
  • Constant summer breeze
  • Batches of green trees
  • Even miraculous mud to make your skin look perfect!
Misty morning Punta Paloma

Mornings can get misty…

Punta Paloma - turquoise waters

…but the Sun comes back in the afternoon

Wild Nature and Sand Dunes

Punta Paloma beach is definitely not in the middle of nowhere but it is far away from any city to keep it’s unique and seclude character. A popular Andalusian guide site even says that it’s one of the most unspoiled beaches in Andalusia. The closest town is Tarifa which is located 17 minutes by car on the west.

Punta Paloma Beach Tarifa

This stunning part of nature is located in the Parque Natural del Estrecho at the beginning of the Costa del Luz so the surroundings are not just sandy dunes but batches of green trees as bushes.

Punta Paloma is not a long never-ending beach but it consists of several smaller bays and beaches instead. The most amazing thing is that each of them is absolutely unique! While one part is covered just with sand, the other one can be pretty rocky and studded with dark, blackish stones.

Sand dunes between Punta Paloma and Valdevaqueros in Tarifa

Some parts of the water are worse accessible than the others. The only reason is that Punta Paloma is a wild natural beach with a minimum human impact.

Natural Beauty Salon for Free

Hold your jaws guys because this beauty I’m going to share with you can change your whole life! Punta Paloma is not just a wonderful place for getting tanned and refreshed by chilly water, there is a free beauty salon out there! 

So are you holding your jaws already? Yeah? Good! Listen travellers, there are natural mud baths directly at the Punta Paloma beach. The beautifying session is pretty easy. Look for grey soft & stony sand or soil.

Bath mud in Punta Paloma Tarifa - source soil

Somewhere underneath these big rocks you can find the grey soft & stony sand/soil for your mud bath treatment.

I really don’t know what is that from but you’ll recognize it easily because there will be some naked greyish people running around. To get some better idea of this natural mud batch, check the pictures below. 

Mix this grey soft something with sea water, create a grey thick mud and cover it all over your body. Now just let it go dry and after 30 to 60 minutes take a turquoise water bath. Touch your skin and enjoy its new baby soft layer.

Wonderful view to Punta Paloma Beach in Tarifa


The Closest Sign of Civilisation

For those who need some cold pint of beer or some snacks there is a possibility to get to a more civilised part of the area where Punta Paloma meets Valdevaqueros beach.

It’s just 15 or 20 minutes of walk to reach one of the tree chiringuitos – Volare, Tangana and Tumbao. Here be aware that the route is not just ‘grass and roses’, there are pretty sharp stones on the way so be very cautious.

Here I’ll give you a little tip. The closest chiringuito Volare is terrible. We had a not really pleasant experience there with my friends. We tried to order our drinks and food for around 20 to 30 minutes but nobody was willing to do it for us. The food was also rather bad to average and for the bad quality of service (if there was any) and the taste of the food the prices are extremely overrated.

I had a nice experience with Tangana and Tumbao, both are pretty chilled with alright services. All of them offer wee-wee facilities!

How To get to Punta Paloma Beach

Bad bad news for non-drivers like me. The best way to get to this natural paradise is by car. There is a parking spot just about 300 metres from the beach. This one is for free. Make sure you arrive there earlier to get your spot.

how to get to Punta paloma - walking through sand dunes

You need to do some sand walking as well to get to Punta Paloma beach

I remember that once we parked also at the Restaurante El Mirlo, here we paid 5 euros and then we walked down the tiny hill. The other option you have is to park at the end of Valdevaqueros beach next to Tumbao bar, the parking is also for 5 euros.  From here you have to walk around 20 minutes to get to Punta Paloma. Check out the map below to see the directions.

Punta Paloma - sandy site of the beach

Some parts of the beach are sandy…

Punta Paloma beach - rocks

…whilst others rock like Queen of the Stone Age!

If you head to Tarifa alone and you really can’t miss on this stunning beach (and you shouldn’t!), get a taxi from the city centre, it should be around €20 a way. You can also rent a bicycle, it should take you around 40 minutes to reach this gorgeous beach.

Walking is not the best idea while it’s over 2 hours. You would probably faint after walking on the direct Andalusian sun and being beaten by the crazy Tarifa’s wind.

Misty Punta Paloma - the rock part of the beach

Punta Paloma and Surfing

You don’t see surfers or kite surfers directly at Punta Paloma beach. Some of the shores are too stony for this kind of water sports. That’s why people get crazy with waves at Valdevaqueros and Los Lances beaches.

Punta Paloma is more about chill, getting closer to the nature, having a mud bath and enjoying the translucent water.

Valdevaqueros next to Punta Paloma - surfers spot

Valdevaqueros beach next to Punta Paloma is usually full of kite surfers.

That’s all about Punta Paloma beach, dear solo travellers and travellers. I highly recommend you to visit this pretty beach and see the paradise by your own eyes. I’m pretty sure you won’t get disappointed!

If you have any additional questions about this one of the nicest beaches in Spain, write a comment below. 

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