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Hello Dear Travellers!

We solo travel about the author - LenkaMy name is Lenka and I’m a Slovak chick currently based in Hamburg where I moved from beautiful Spain. I like to visit places both near and farther afield. I’ve loved writing for about as long as I can remember, so instead of putting my stories into a drawer I decided to start a small blog about my travels in English, to reach more people like you! And as you all know, travelling can be about making random friendships that last for a while, or deep relationships which will endure for longer, as well as the solo journeys of a lone wolf. The idea of wesolotravel.com is quite simple: Sometimes we travel solo sometimes we travel together. Please browse my small page a bit to look for some (solo) travel tips, reflections, thoughts and stories. If you like writing but don’t have a public platform, just pop a direct message to my Facebook page or Instagram profile and I’ll be more than happy to publish your piece of art on these pages.