6 Reasons to Visit Brand, a Beautiful Cottage in Austrian Alps

Are you dreaming of living in a fairy-tale? Breathing fresh mountain air and enjoying the magical scenery of the stunning Alps? Visit Brand in Austria, a tiny Alpine village in the heart of gorgeous natural surroundings! Beautiful Brand in Austria: 6 reasons why to visit it

What and Where is Brand in Austria

Brand is a mountain village in the western part of the Austrian Alps built more than 1,000 metres above sea level. The village is occupied by just 672 inhabitants and the closest town is called Bludenz.

Brand in Austria is popular for its amazing location, stunning natural beauty and plenty of sporting activities one can enjoy throughout the year.Picture of Brand - village in Austrian Alps

6 Reasons to Visit Brand in Austria

Brand is a perfect place for solo travellers and travellers looking for a relaxing place surrounded by magnificent nature ready to offer lots of sporting activities.

When you get bored by the silence and lack of wild nightlife you can still get to the closest towns of Bludenz or Feldkirch. Sure, they’re both small, but you can still find more shops, restaurants and pubs there.

So, how can I convince you to enjoy the silence of Brand in Austria?

1, Breath-taking Nature & Landscape

Lunersee - beautiful lake in Brand Austria

If there was a prestigious natural beauty competition called ‘Miss Nature’, the tall Alpine mountains surrounding the town of Brand would be one of the hottest candidates!

The nature in Brand is just miraculous. The majestic peaks covered with greenery capped with year-round snowy tops meet the blue sky on the horizon and rich emerald green forests on the land.

The shiny grass of pastures is home to sheep, goats and other farm animals who come to greet every person passing by.

What truly symbolises the untouched nature of Brand is the sparkling blue lake called Lünersee. To get to this stunning natural beauty, you just need to catch a local bus and take a short journey by cable car.

2, Fairy-tale Scenery & Architecture

Idylic scenery of cottages, sheeps in Brand, Austrian Alps

It’s not only the monumental mountains and greenery which make Brand’s scenery look like it comes from the pages of a fairy-tale (even though that would already be enough!). Brand is also well-known for its typical Alpine architecture.

Get ready for cute wooden houses and the many stylish details which match the natural environment. None of the hotels here try to fight against the landscape, instead becoming part of the environment. Brand is a place where nature and architecture work together in harmony.

3, Plenty of Sporting ActivitiesHiking in Lunersee - Brand in Austrian Alps

Brand is a well-known resort for winter sports. If you love skiing or you plan to learn snowboarding you will certainly find a good facility here to make your sporty dreams come true.

Winter is not the only popular month to get active in Brand. The area is perfect for lighter as well as heavier hiking. You can also find lots of people cycling or even playing golf there!

Brand is also a destination for pole dancing! Yes, you read that right; Hotel ValaVier is host to the famous Mountain Pole Camp, where lovers of this beautiful form where art and sport meet can enjoy demanding training in the middle of this gorgeous natural site. If you need more information about the pole camp read my review here.

4, Wellness & RelaxationOutdoor pool of Vilavier, spa hotel in Brand, Austrian Alps

Most of the local hotels, if not all of them, offer their customers spa and wellness facilities. The most popular ones are saunas, heated pools and massages.

The aforementioned ValaVier where I stayed during my August visit (yeah I was one of the pole dance freaks there) can be proud of their beautiful wellness centre.

It is filled with a few different types of sauna, several relaxing areas and beauty/wellness treatments; but the very best part of their spa is the wonderful view!

Just imagine you come out of a great bio-aromatic sauna and you lay down on a comfy water bed watching sugary peaks of winter or emerald green mountains of summer! That’s the kind of pleasure you can’t get everywhere!

5, Great LocationBeautiful scenery of nature and Alpine houses - Brand in Austria

Even though our journey to Brand wasn’t easy (which was more to do with our impatience mixed with a bit of bad luck), Brand really has a great location.

It’s in the heart of the Alpine nature but also close to Bludenz where you have several national and international train connections (like a direct train to Vienna or Zurich).

Thanks to the train connection this village is nicely reachable from the closest international airport in Zurich. In case you plan to explore Switzerland too, you can consider buying a travel pass which can save you some money.

6, Everything You NeedLunersee - beautiful lake in Brand, Austrian Alps

Yes, as you’ve already read Brand is a small village, but the good news is that you have everything you need right in the village.

I’m not talking just about local buses, cable cars leading to the ski slopes or cute hotels serving yummy full board meals. You have at least two cashpoints there, a small grocery shop selling the most important stuff, a cigarette machine as well as souvenir kiosks, restaurants, and so on.

I know, it’s not Vienna and it’s not Zurich! And that’s why you should all make a point of paying a visit to Brand in Austria.

There’s nowhere better to enjoy switching off from the busy world out there to immerse yourself in the incredibly addictive silence this relaxing village has to offer.

Updated: 10th January 2019. 

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