9 Reasons Why To Travel Alone & Why is Solo Travel Important

Before you totally fall in love with solo traveling we’ll answer your inner questions and doubts.  Because we think that solo travel is the best and after reading our reasons why to travel alone you’ll be on the same boat! Read why it is important to travel solo at least once in your life. 

Playing with the idea of going abroad alone but lacking the courage or motivation? Well, everyone has to start somewhere to learn how to become a lone wolf. Solo traveling is like a drug – once you try it, it becomes addicting. Here are 9 reasons why to travel solo.

1, You’re the  King of Your Time

The aim of solo traveling is not to get away from all of the people in your life – but you’ve probably experienced traveling companions who for one reason or another wound up wasting your precious time.

As a lone wolf wandering around you decide where to go and when as well as who, if anyone, to go with.

You get to wake up when you want, you taste the paella, stinky tofu, mostarda or other local specialities if and when you feel like it, the way that you want and no one tries to persuade you to do the opposite.

You are the king or the queen with final decision over every moment.

2, No-one Tells you What to Do

Everyone is familiar with this scenario: you’ve spent the entire previous day planning and scheduling every single castle, church, park, ruin, hill and tree you want to see.

Or the opposite, you’ve decided to be spontaneous and just go with the flow. Everything is perfect when the person you’re traveling with comes and spoils it all by demanding to do things a different way.

You can argue with them or you can be submissive and close your mouth and just go along with their plan instead.

You can push the other person to go ahead with your plan and ignore them sulking or you can try to compromise and not do the things exactly how yo wanted. Unless of course you get out on your own.

Focus to your feeling

3, You’re More Focused on Your Own Feelings

When you are a lone wolf you can feel and see more than anyone else can. There are no other distractions or setbacks and no-one trying to gain your attention.

There is just you, the place and the atmosphere. Breath the place, feel it in your veins, body and mind.

When traveling alone you can enjoy the place in much deeper ways than you can going with others.

You can focus just on the pure experience without any outside influence or interference. You can enjoy the moment to the fullest and the moment is all yours.

4, Travelling Alone Helps You to Discover Your Deepest Alter Egos

Nothing in life is more important than getting to know yourself. Realising your weaknesses and fears and accepting them is an essential part of growing as a person.

When traveling alone you are exposed to doubts and dreads, challenges and life missions that you would normally encounter.

This is the best experience how to cope with yourself. While traveling solo you can learn to forgive your sins and put the mistakes and bad paths you’ve been down behind you.

Why to travel solo? Because you can start again with a clean slate.

5, When You Travel Alone the Surrounding World Looks Different

Every single person on Earth perceives reality in a different way. While traveling with others your experiences and opinions are inevitably influenced by others.

While this isn’t always necessarily a bad thing it can be a detriment to your own perception, especially if you are unfortunate enough to be surrounded by negative people.

When in the company of others the things, food, people and atmosphere are never as the same as when you are relying on just to our own senses and feelings.

If you want to get the real feel for a place then go on your own. When traveling alone there is no such a word like boredom!

The world looks different when solo

6, You’ll Experience to See that Great Ideas Seem to Appear from Nowhere

Inspiration is everywhere and the great ideas usually wait for the best moment to come. What better moment than the one when you are alone surrounded by nature, mountains or an ancient town can be better for your muse to come to inspire you?

7, You’re Pushed to Get to Know More New People

Why would you want to meet some weird strangers if you’ve decided to go solo? Well, the never forgotten stories, thought provoking opinions, best drunk nights and talks until dawn are usually those with such random people.

Open your mind and start a convo with a local hippie or the opposite, an old lady walking the dogs. Listen to their stories, get inspired and inspire them. Expand your horizons to the maximum.

8, When Travelling solo You Can Easily Avoid Moaners and Complainers

Why to travel alone? Maybe to avoid hurting other peoples feelings by failing to reach their expectations? No more of disappointed faces or broken promises.

When exploring the world solo you can not be disappointed or disappoint anyone else. You always reach and get what you want because there is never anyone in your way.

Why frustrate people and get frustrated yourself when you can easily avoid this aggravation? How? Going there on your own.

9, Your Self-esteem & Self-confidence Will Grow to its Healthiest Limit

Prove to yourself that you’re better that you’ve ever thought. Are you afraid to be a lone wolf with a backpack on your back? So do it!

Defeat your doubts and grasp hold of the fearless savage living within you. One of the best ways to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence is by traveling, exploring, getting know the unknown and trying new and undiscovered things.

Without anyone to use as a crutch, this is best done on your own.

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