Sardinia Solo Travel: Charming Places to See Alone

Welcome to the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The unusual, charming place which attracts around 3 millions of travellers yearly. Read where to go in Sardinia and discover the place easily on your own.

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Close your eyes and imagine. The scent of the Mediterranean wild nature. Blue shades of sea. The isthmus which separates calm waters of the Dead Sea from the rough open sea. A natural beauty that preserves the ruins of Tharros, an ancient city which has lived for centuries thanks to the commercial and intercultural exchanges in the Mediterranean. A huge tower that recalls the ancient coastal communication system. A lighthouse that has been guiding sailors for years.

The Most Beautiful Beaches of Sardinia

The crystal clear waters and breathtaking panoramas.  These could be the reasons why many people prefer the beach of San Giovanni di Sinis among all the ones on the West coast.

Where to go in Sardinia - Sinis Peninsula

Sinis Peninsula offers crystal clear waters and breath-taking panoramas

Besides these, the S’Archittu beach is charming too. In Sardinian language “small arch”, it takes its name from the famous rock arch forged by the force of the sea and the wind that embraces the small beach.

Do not miss out on the quartz beach of Is Aruttas and Mari Ermi.  Sunrise always dyes it pink and you can clearly see the legendary island of Malu Entu.

For those who prefer fine sand and enchanting colours, go to the beaches of Putzu IduS’arena ScoadaSa Rocca Tunda and the rock slab of Sa Mesa Longa. Perfect locations for a horseback ride at sunset.

Vuoi Parlare Italiano?

Wondering where to go in Sardinia to learn the passionate language of the Italians? Near Sinis Peninsula, in Oristano you can combine holidays and Italian learning experience with “SLANG. Sardinia, senses & language”. Learn and practice Italian language while discovering one of the most surprising cultures in the world.

Most importantly, you can improve your language skills in real linguistic situations and get in touch with local people. This will make from your Sardinian holidays a real, meaningful experience full of fun and joy! Is there any better way how to learn the second sexiest language on Earth? WE doubt so.

The History of Sardinia Lies in Oristano

Oristano is the main city of the central-western part of the island. In the past it played a leading role in the history of Sardinia. Oristano was the capital of the glorious Reign of Giudicato d’Arborea, the last bastion of Sardinian domination on the island.

Since the eleventh century, the city has begun raising enchanting palaces, a massive system of fortifications and towers in contrast with elegant churches. Strolling down the heart of the city, you immediately meet the grand Tower of San Cristoforo – also known as Torre di Mariano.  Heading to the main square, piazza Roma, and moving along Corso Umberto I. you reach the Judge Eleonora’s statue.

The promoter of the Carta de Logu, one of the first code of law written in Europe. At the Antiquarium Arborense museum you can hear the whole story of her reign and the history of the city, since the time of Tharros ancient town.

Chiesa San Martino in Oristano

Where to go in Sardinia – Chiesa San Martino in Ortisano

Don’t forget to visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Above all, its colourful Byzantine domes are a landmark of the city. Just in front of its churchyard, takes place the most awaited an visited event of the year: the Sartiglia

The emblem of the city refers to an equestrian carousel and goes on stage during the Carnival days. Taking part of this crowded festival is absolutely worthy. You can witness the amazing skills and the beauty of the horse-riders and the amazons performing the Corsa alla stella and the acrobatic ride of the “Pariglie“. A timeless ritual that can grant you to live always great emotions.

Why Should Oristano Be on Your ‘Where to Go in Sardinia’  List?

Rich in history and rich in culture, it offers you an unrepeatable opportunity to know the true face of the island. Moreover, ever corner of this unusual city surprises you with its famous handicraft products and the typical and genuine cuisine.

The text and images were provided by SLANG, Sardinia, Senses & language. 

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