Best Places For Solo Travel in 2017

Wondering where to start your new solo travel challenges in 2017? Do you want to visit just the best places for solo travel? Great! We checked all of the most wonderful places, towns and regions and suggestions made by the most influential travel writers at Lonely Planet and National Geographic, and have already drawn up a shortlist of the most pleasant destinations for you – solo travelers. So take a seat, enjoy your cup of tea and read what´s going to happen in your life over the next several months.

Buying a new diary and making New Year resolutions and plans are some of the most popular things to do in the beginning of the year.

The feeling of a fresh new year jolting you from your stable and boring life provides a perfect kick-start to finally make the decision, pack your necessities and become a backpacker.

But where to go? What countries are IN, cool and suggested to visit in 2017? We did some research and looked into what regions are recommended by the world’s biggest travel influencers. So lone wolves are you ready for some thrills?


What Lonely Planet Chose For You?

One of the biggest and most popular travel publishers, Lonely Planet, provides a list at the beginning of each year of the trendiest places and countries worth to go to and explore.

In 2017 Lonely Planet chose several exotic South American (Colombia, Dominican Republic), African (Ethiopia) and Asian (Nepal, Myanmar, Mongolia) countries and adding up two northern stars (Canada, Finland) well known for their open and stable economy mixed with beautiful but rough nature.

They both ended up in the TOP 3 which might be influenced by the recent trend amongst backpackers for exploring colder countries with lakes, mountains and forest rather than wonderful but cookie cutter white sand/turquoise water beach destinations.

This “mountains and forest” trend can be observed in all of the charts compiled by Lonely Planet. Five of the suggested countries offer beautiful landscapes with high mountains and the possibility of trekking, another three destinations offer a combination of hiking with beach or vibrant towns.

In addition, We Solo Travel can say that Lonely Planet choice of places to visit in 2017 is great also for lone wolves traveling alone!

The Best Places for Solo Travel chart

1, Canada

Why: Positive, energetic, dynamic and polite with beautiful nature, vibrant cities, fusion food, “mysteriously underrated wine” and lower prices. Also celebrating 150 years of confederation in 2017.

Solo Travel Suitability: 10/10

Best places solo travel - Canada

Breathtaking Canadian nature


2, Colombia

Why: Current peace, colorful culture and nature, hospitality of people. Future Pop Francis visit in 2017.

Solo Travel Suitability: 7/10 (Still not the safest country so far. Be aware of crime and sexism.)


3, Finland

Why: Gorgeous national parks, unique landscape and culture. Huge celebrations expected due to 100 anniversary of independence. Hosting the World Figure Skating Championship.

Solo Travel Suitability: 10/10

Best Places Solo Travel - Finland

Finland – country of thousands lakes


4, Dominican Republic

Why: Untouched beaches and raw nature. Paradise boosting your physical and mental health.

Solo Travel Suitability: 10/10


5, Nepal

Why: Support for unique local nature after several natural disasters. Temple of life wisdom. Life changing experience.

Solo Travel Suitability: 9/10

(Nepal is a safe country although there are some restrictions for females, also possible to meet one of the Nepalese so called Lotharios – Casanovas with no limits.)

Best Places Solo Travel - Nepal

Nepal is a life changing experience

6, Bermuda

Why: One of the most beautiful pink sandy beaches. Almost no crime and no fast foods. Paradise destination for divers and underwater life lovers.

Solo Travel Suitability: 10/10


7, Mongolia

Why: New airport, developed capital Ulaanbaatar, stunning countryside. Mongolia is called the “Blue Pearl of Asia”.

Solo Travel Suitability: 10/10

Best Places Solo Travel - Mongolia

Mongolia – Blue Pearl of Asia

8, Oman

Why: More flights available, luxury accommodation, fascinating architecture and mind-blowing scenery. One of the best and easiest Arab countries for women traveling solo!

Solo Travel Suitability: 10/10


9, Myanmar / Burma

Why: One of the greatest temples and world´s most bling stupas. Air balloon rides and golden Buddhas watching you everywhere. First civilian government in half a century makes Burma easier to access.

Solo Travel Suitability: 10/10 (Not just suitable for those who don´t like attention. People from Myanmar are really sociable and love to talk to travelers, especially those who travel solo.)

Best Places Solo Travel - Burma

Beautiful and culturally rich Burma

10, Ethiopia

Why: Exotic country with great coffee, gorgeous landscapes with one of the highest peaks of Africa, great hiking trails and unique wildlife. New airline links makes the country more accessible in 2017.

Solo Travel Suitability: 8/10 (Ethiopia is considered as the safest country in Africa although you should be more careful at public places as markets. Traveling to Ethiopia and other African countries require lots of patience and adaption. Also be prepared for tremendous poverty surrounding you everywhere and never-ending demands of Ethiopians.)

Best Places Solo Travel - Ethiopia

Ethiopia – country of stunning landscapes


National Geographic suggests

National Geographic – a massive leader of science and explorations has been here for 129 years. This never-ending pot of inspiration divided the best places for 2017 into three categories: Nature, Cities and Culture. There are apparently matches in chosen places with younger but still pretty ambitious Lonely Planet – it is Finland, Colombia and Canada. The category Nature really offers one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The journeys to destinations by National Geographic taste require more preparation, perseverance, mountain / hiking skills and experience.  Let´s have a look what National Geographic´s cooked for us. Are these the best places for solo travel in 2017?




1,  Hawaii, Kauai

Why: Jaw-dropping views, sea cliffs, waterfalls and lush landscapes. Geologically oldest island has appeared in more than 60 movies including Jurassic Park.

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10

Best Places Solo Travel - Kauai, Hawaii

Jaw-dropping view in Kauai, Hawaii

2, Finland

Why: Lapland, beautiful rocky beaches, plenty of national parks, wilderness areas and hiking areas. National Geographic specially recommends Finnish nature for silent lovers.

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10


3, Mexico, Baja California

Why: Tremendous marine life, mystical place with sherbet-coloured canyons and stunning landscape. Friendly and kind people. Baja is the earth´s longest peninsula.

Solo Travel Suitability:  6/10 (Some travelers don´t consider to go to Baja alone. There are several stories of crime and corrupted police. )

Best Places Solo Travel - Mexico, Baja

Amazing beach life in Baja


4, Canada, Banff

Why: National park offering mountain hikes, meadow walks, crystal clear lakes, horseback trails. Great railway connection, good quality of accommodation.

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10 (Solo hiking over Banff National Park is just for really experiences ones. Be aware of bears!)


5, Ecuador, Cloud Forests

Why: Incredible plant and animal life, unique environment, breath-taking views.

Solo Travel Suitability:  7/10

Best Places Solo Travel - Ecuador

Unique animal and plant life in Ecuador

6, Western Balkans , Via Dinarica

Why: Trek Via Dinarica will be completely mapped for first time. Mixture of stunning beautiful nature, still living traditions and isolated villages.

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10


7, Central India, Tiger National Parks

Why: Raw wildlife in its pure existence. Very well preserved parks, one of the only places where you can see Bengali tiger.

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10 (You usually go to the parks with guided groups. It´s almost impossible to appear there by your own.

Best Places Solo Travel - India Tiger National Park

Tiger National Parks – raw nature



1, Marrakesh, Morocco

Why: Colourful, historical and cultural metropolis can offer you thousands of aromas, faces and sensations. Vibrant atmosphere, exotic appearance.

Solo Travel Suitability:  9/10 (Traveling to Morocco is considered being safe. Be just aware of some hassle and a bit of unwanted attention of men if you are a woman. There are some not nice stories going on around but always have on your mind that anything unwanted can actually happen everywhere.)


2, Madrid, Spain

Why: Easy-going, fashionable and historical city offering more than 60 museums. Kind and helpful people, nice cuisine, stunning architecture and parks. Vivid nightlife.

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10 (Great option also for very first solo travellers.)

Best Places Solo Travel - Madrid

Madrid offers vivid nightlife and gorgeous architecture

3, Anchorage, USA

Why: Alaska’s biggest town. Largest urban fishery, combination of hiking and surfing. Unforgettable northern adventure.

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10 (Recommended for more experienced ones.)


4, Seoul, South Korea

Why: Cosmopolitan city with modern infrastructure and touch of history.  Cool urban getaway with fashionable shops, arts, great food and nightlife.

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10 (Well you can never be alone in 25 million city!)

Best Places Solo Travel - Seoul South Korea

Historical, modern and cosmopolitan Seoul

5, Moscow, Russia

Why: Specific architecture style, great amount of museums and galleries, groomed parks, spectacular views, massive nightlife. Simply, incomparable experience.

Solo Travel Suitability:  9/10 (There is probably no other city / country with so many different opinions about traveling alone. Some people consider solo travel to Russia unbelievable easy and safe, other claim the opposite. Moscow is a cosmopolitan city and if you have done big cities before you should be totally fine.)


6, Cartagena, Colombia

Why: Untouched by any conflict or war held in Colombia. Muse of many writers including Gabriel García Márquez. Charming and romantic place, queen of the Caribbean coast.

Solo Travel Suitability:  7/10 (Cartagena was lucky to avoid many Colombian conflicts. Should be safe in most areas.)

Best Places Solo Travel - Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena, muse of Gabriel García Márquez


7, Hamburg, Germany

Why: Best clubs in Germany, variant architecture styles, loads of water and outdoor activities. Big always moving city with maritime charm.

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10




1, Malta

Why: Carnival in February, several village fiestas full of music, dance and food from May till September, Malta Music Week in June, culturally rich capital Valletta.

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10

Best Places Solo Travel - Malta

Malta – charming island rich in history and cultural life


2, Papua New Guinea

Why: Several tribal folklore festivals during summer, great for hiking, surfing and sea kayaking. Home of indigenous cultures, magnificent shores, isolated Garden of Eden.

Solo Travel Suitability: 7/10 (Definitely not for the beginners. Less suitable for female solo travelers, PNG is strong patriarchal. Some areas might be a bit dodgy. Papua New Guina is wild with different life rules.)


3,Chengdu, China

Why: Culinary paradise, UNESCO-designated City of Gastronomy, the cradle and centre of Sichuan cuisine, world´s tallest Budha, Giant Panda reserve.

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10

Best Places Solo Travel - Chenhgu, China

Chenhgu is the centre of Sichuan food


4, Canton Uri, Switzerland

Why:  Tremendous Alpine travel experience, snowcapped peaks and wildflower meadows, Swiss cheese, possibility of visiting one of the Alpine farms. Great for hiking, biking and both winter and summer sports. Free admission to about 500 museums

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10


5, Guadeloupe Islands

Why: Mixture of French, Caribbean and African culture. Home of Gwo-Ka, Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage musical art form. Splendid carnivals and music festivals like Gwoka Festival and the All Day in Music Festival.

Solo Travel Suitability:  9/10

Best Places Solo Travel - Guadeloupe Islands

Guadeloupe offers glorious scenery and unique culture


6, Georgia, United States

Why: Dream destination of music lovers. Georgia offers more than 75 music festivals yearly and more than a thousand of live music venues. Home of famous soul and jazz musicians like James Brown and Ray Charles.

Solo Travel Suitability:  10/10

Best Places Solo Travel - Georgia, USA

Georgia – dream destination for music lovers


7, Cradle of Humankind, South Africa

Why: Window into human evolutionary history, the most significant archaeological excavations held place in this area. More than 200 caves clarifying the history of Humankind.

Solo Travel Suitability: 7/10 (Unfortunately, Johannesburg has got the worst safety reputation between South Africa cities. Stay in the safe touristic area, avoid visiting townships alone and walking during nights just on your own. Recommended for experienced solo travelers.)




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