5 Reasons to Visit Granada in December

Is Granada worth visiting in December? For sure, it is! Granada is a spectacular place to see in any season of the year. Read 5 reasons why to travel to Granada in December and how a winter day can feel in this Andalusian city of Moorish culture.

5 Reasons to see Granada in December

Granada had been on my bucket list for a while when I finally visited this spectacular city in Andalusia a year ago. I never planned to go there in December, always dreamed about a Spring getaway instead. Luckily, my mum had an idea to visit me in Spain just a few days before Christmas. We went to Malaga and afterwards we headed to explore one of the richest cities in culture of Spain — Granada.

How was our experience with Granada in December? It was awesome! The Autumn colours, bright but already melancholically chilly days, and dark but cosy nights went beyond our expectations. You should visit Granada in December too! If you’re still not persuaded read the reasons why below and enjoy the dreamy Christmas atmosphere

1, Charming Christmas Atmosphere

Christmas lights everywhere

Christmas lights freaks and all people who love anything Christmassy should visit Granada in December! Andalusians love this holiday season. All streets in any city are lit up with Christmas decorations and Granada is no exception. Every corner of the city centre shines bright with Christmas lights. Some plazas have Christmas trees and tiny stalls with presents, warm nuts and sweets. There is a Bethlehem, people singing carols and tapas bars serving mulled wine with a piece of free tapas!

We experienced Christmas atmosphere in both Malaga and Granada, and we both enjoyed the vibe in Granada more. However, the light show was more impressive in Malaga. It might have been the natural charm of Granada itself. The feeling of Christmas holidays in this place was very heart-warming. We even managed to buy there a few little Christmas presents — beautifully smelling herbal teas, chocolates and spices.

2, Gorgeous Colours Everywhere

Amazing view to Granada in December - Alhambra & Sierra Nevada

December in Granada is like October in Northern Europe! Yes, it was more like an Autumn trip for us. Tree leaves were turning to shades of yellow, orange and red; Bougainvillea coloured its flowers to fuchsia, and the sun was still shining but left a cold circle around the sky.  Granada is worth visiting in colder months of the year mostly for its exquisite colours!

I am pretty sure that every season in Granada has its charm, but the views to Alhambra, already white peaks of Sierra Nevada in the colours of Autumn were just fabulous. Moreover, you should come to Granada from December until April to see the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada in full beauty. 

3, Calmer and Quieter Time

Yes, this is Granada in December1

I can’t say the city was quiet, the Christmas markets and activities grabbed attention of many locals but in general, Autumn and Spring are considered as much calmer seasons to visit Granada. January, February and March are busy due to the skiing season when many people stay in Granada or visit the place during their Sierra Nevada snow fun times.

Summer is just summer, and the exotic beaches of Costa Tropical located only 1 hour from Granada by car makes the place a hot spot of summer vacationers. If you want to have a more relaxing time, head down the south in Spring or Autumn. 

4, Many Indoor Activities

When it gets cold on your December trip in Granada, you can make yourself warmer by visiting one of the crazy Flamenco shows in the gypsy district of Sacromonte. Granada is also considered as the home of tapas (or at least according to some Spanish people – read more in my tapas article). There is nothing cosier than sipping on a warm wine and snacking Spanish tapas for free while being seated inside of a charismatic tapas place.

You can also see all the famous cathedrals, churches and other beautifully designed buildings from inside or learn about the rich history of Granada in one of the museums. There are as well many art galleries.

5, Not too Warm & Not too Cold

December days in Granada can be still nicely warm with temperatures reaching up to 18 degrees on a good day. These are perfect for walking tours or even little hikes inside or outside the city. Summer in Granada can be extremely dry and hot with temperatures up to 35. This is not a great climate for sightseeing and exploring, is it?

How is the Weather in Granada in December?

The weather in Granada in December can be very moody and rough. When compared to Malaga’s 20-degree warm sun we had a couple of days before; Granada was way colder during the nights. The days were bright and warm with 15 to 18 degrees on the sun. Although, after 7pm it started getting quite cold and the temperature was slowly dropping down from 10 to 3 degrees. While we were taking off our winter jackets during the day, we needed to put on an extra layer during the night. Malaga’s nights were much cosier.

Conclusion: Is Granada Worth Visiting in December or Winter?

There is always a reason to visit Granada! Free tapas, Alhambra, flamenco culture, architecture and marvellous views are one of them! Chilly nights of December won’t make your Granada’s getaway any worse. The atmosphere before Christmas is wonderful and the city itself is one of the most charming towns in whole Andalusia! Enjoy 🙂

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